Our Foundation

The Collective Foundation Trianon was founded in 1998 by Trianon SA. Its head office is in Geneva. We are active in the social security sector in Switzerland, and more specifically in occupational benefits, the so-called “second pillar”. We aspire, in an increasingly complex employee benefits landscape, to assist companies to implement, manage and restructure their benefits arrangements over the long term, and to manage the risks. Our solutions can be tailored to small and medium sized companies as well as multinational corporations. Our flexibility is one of our key assets and is underpinned by a solution-based organisation structure.

Our mission

Our mission is to be a reliable, efficient and progressive collective foundation providing guaranteed payment of retirement, death and disability benefits over the long term.

We seek to ensure that all members have access to secure information about their benefits and the options available within their benefits framework.

Our values

  • Legality
    adherence to the highest legal standards, decision-making rigour, strict compliance control, and active dialogue with the authorities
  • Efficiency
    modern organisation and highly specialised partners for effective and efficient management at an affordable price, adapted to the complexity of the solution
  • Independence
    independence from banks, insurance providers and brokers
  • Transparency
    segregation of assets of affiliated companies or groups of companies, preparation and presentation of individual annual accounts to Pension Committees, free choice of affiliation, no-penalty termination, independent accounting