The Collective Foundation Trianon is regulated by the Autorité cantonale de surveillance des fondations et des institutions de prévoyance (ASFIP), which is the supervisory authority in the canton where it has its head office. The supervisory authority ensures that the Foundation, its auditors, and its accredited pension actuary comply with the law and the Foundation’s charter and rules. It also ensures that its assets are used in accordance with its employee benefits objective. As part of its supervisory function, the ASFIP is responsible for verifying the Foundation’s organisation and the reports of the pension actuary and auditor. It is also required to approve any changes in the Foundation’s statutes and rules as well as any plans for its partial or total liquidation.


The Board of Trustees appointed KPMG SA, Lausanne, as the statutory auditor. It is responsible for conducting the annual audit on the management, the accounts and the investments, and issuing an auditor’s report. It monitors the measures implemented by the Foundation to ensure the ethical administration of Pension Fund assets and those of the Foundation. It also ensures that the internal audit system is adapted to the structure of our Foundation.

Accredited pension actuary

The Board of Trustees appointed Aon Hewitt, Lausanne, as the Foundation’s accredited pension actuary. Aon Hewitt submits an actuarial report at regular intervals as well as an annual report on the financial health of each Pension Fund. Its annual report includes a simplified asset-liability study. Aon Hewitt is also responsible for establishing adequate measures in the event of underfunding.


The aim of the internal auditor is to ensure the “irreproachable business conduct” of the Collective Foundation Trianon by identifying any compliance risks that could harm its reputation. It thereby protects the Foundation from prejudice it could suffer as a result of non-compliance with legal and regulatory requirements. The internal auditor also assists the Board of Trustees to manage risks. Its role consists of detecting and preventing risks such as infringement of legal and regulatory provisions, damage to the Foundation’s reputation, an undermining of the interests of the members, or conflicts of interest.

Its main tasks are to:

  • monitor asset management, the observance of investment rules, and the allocations in each investment profile
  • conduct spot checks of the accounting, balance sheets and income statements of the Collective Foundation Trianon and the Pension Funds and regularly monitor the existence and the value of bank deposits
  • prepare risk reports
  • monitor observance of operating procedures set up by the Foundation.

Internal control system

The Board of Trustees appointed Trianon SA – the company responsible for the Foundation’s technical and accounting management – to certify an internal control system adapted to the Foundation’s structure.