The Collective Foundation Trianon is structured to ensure complete financial and accounting independence for each company or group of companies comprising a single Pension Fund. Each Pension Fund, piloted by a Pension Committee, has the same degree of autonomy and flexibility as a single employer foundation, under the constant supervision of the Board of Trustees.

Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees is the highest body of the Foundation, responsible for steering the Foundation, defining its strategy and supervising the management of its assets. It is also responsible for relations between the Collective Foundation Trianon, the affiliated companies, the auditor, the accredited pension actuary and the supervisory authority. Its members are elected every five years by the Pension Committees. They must have a solid knowledge of the occupational benefits field and agree to update their knowledge on a continuing basis. The Board of Trustees appoints special committees (legal and actuarial committee, investment committee, and distribution committee) and a Manager who must have solid professional experience (Swiss certified accountant specialised in occupational benefit plans).

Pension Fund

Each affiliated company or group of companies has its own independent Pension Fund within the Foundation. Each Fund has its own separate accounting and is not responsible for the liabilities of other Funds. Each Fund operates as a semi-autonomous occupational benefits institution, i.e. they are insured for death and disability risks, but bear their own investment risk. Each year, the accredited pension actuary produces a status report and simplified asset-liability study for the Fund. This ALM study is used by the Pension Committee to make informed decisions regarding the Fund’s investment profile, to ensure that the investment structure will adequately provide for its benefit obligations.

Pension Committee

The Pension Committee is the Pension Fund’s joint administration board as defined in the law on occupational benefits (LPP/BVG). The members elect and the employer appoints their respective representatives. The Committee is responsible for all decisions incumbent on the Pension Fund, as described in the Foundation’s organisational rules. These consist primarily of the choice of insurer for death and disability risks, the banking partner, investment profiles, pension plans, interest paid on retirement savings accounts, and recovery measures. The Committee can draw on the asset-liability report submitted by the accredited pension actuary as a guideline for making informed decisions concerning the choice of investment profile.