Our advantages

Collective Foundation Trianon offers a package of modular solutions delivering flexible configurations on very competitive terms. Thanks to our size and standing in Switzerland, we have access to first tier partners. Trianon SA is an occupational benefits consultant, expert in designing and delivering employee benefits solutions. It manages the administrative, accounting and actuarial services for the Collective Foundation Trianon.

Our outsourcing solutions can be tailored to companies of any size. The structure of our benefits plans easily adapts to the number of employees, hierarchical levels, budget, investment profiles, etc., to align with your objectives and those of your employees. Trianon SA would be pleased to advise you in the following areas:

Multi-employer Pension Fund Genesia
Individual Semi-autonomous Pension Fund
Pension Fund with Individual Choice of  Investment Strategy
Pension plan
Savings plan Choice Choice Choice
Risk benefits Choice Choice Choice
Interest rates on savings accounts Predefined Choice N/A
Conversion rate Predefined Choice N/A
Funding Predefined Choice Choice
Asset management
Choice of strategy Predefined Choice Choice
Choice of partners Predefined Choice Choice
Investment fluctuation reserve Predefined Choice N/A
Recovery measures Predefined Choice N/A
Reinsurance Predefined Choice Choice
Admin & communication Predefined Choice Choice

The Pension Committee of each Pension Fund can rely on the knowledge and experience of Trianon SA to design an optimum solution, appoint an accredited pension actuary, choose a specialised intermediary (broker, insurance agent, accountant, etc.) or provide targeted consulting and support.
All external fees or brokerage charges must be transparent and agreed in advance between each Pension Committee and the specialised intermediary (partner approved by Collective Foundation Trianon).