Administrative management & Communication

The administrative, accounting and actuarial management of Collective Foundation Trianon is outsourced to Trianon SA, which offers a comprehensive single-source solution for human resources administration (payroll, pension plan, claims and absence management).

The Employee Benefits Center, or EBC, is an online communications platform designed and managed by Trianon SA, enabling standardised automatic data exchange.


This tool allows the Foundation’s active members and pensioners to access general information concerning their Pension Fund, including the Fund’s rules and performance reports; other functions allow them to view their benefits statements, perform various simulations, and report changes in their personal circumstances.
Members of Pension Funds with Individual Choice of Investment Strategy can use this platform to choose their investment strategy and monitor the situation and performance of their individual account.

HR departments of affiliated companies have access to a dedicated environment on the ECB. This function allows them to notify their Pension Fund manager of changes in employee circumstances and to view employee data, subject to the rules on confidentiality.

Asset management

The asset management solution implemented by Trianon SA is adapted to the Foundation’s collective structure. Trianon SA, the Foundation’s administrative manager, has developed a solution for collecting monthly cash flows from the Pension Funds and optimising the investment orders given to the custodians. It allows efficient management of assets for the different types of solutions offered by the Foundation (multi-employer, semi-autonomous, and individual choice of investment strategy).

The Employee Benefits Center allows each Pension Fund, and each individual in Pension Funds with Individual Choice of Investment Strategy, to access asset management reports and performance reports online.