Asset management

Within the Collective Foundation Trianon, the assets of each Pension Fund are managed in accordance with its specific needs and within the statutory limits. Each Pension Committee is responsible for managing the Fund’s assets and for choosing its partners. Asset management partners must also be approved by the Board of Trustees on the recommendation of the Investment Committee.

As a rule, asset management partners and the investment profiles offered by the Foundation are reviewed every 3 to 5 years on the basis of an ALM study conducted by a pension actuary.
Each Pension Fund within the Collective Foundation Trianon must set aside an investment fluctuation reserve to mitigate the effects of negative stock market performances. The target value of this reserve is calculated for each Pension Fund by the Foundation’s accredited pension actuary, based on a probabilistic method with a 3-year time frame and a 95% security level.

Considering the particularities of Pension Funds with Individual Choice of Investment Strategy, no investment fluctuation reserve is required.

Multi-employer Pension Fund Genesia
Individual Semi-autonomous Pension Fund
Pension Fund with Individual Choice of  Investment Strategy
Strategy Predefined Choice Choice
Choice of partners Predefined Choice Choice
Investment fluctuation reserve Collective Individual N/A
Recovery measures Predefined Choice N/A