Benefits coverage

Modularity is the key to Collective Foundation Trianon’s flexible pension plan solutions, which allow each affiliated company to design a benefits arrangement to suit its specific needs.

It can choose to combine several solutions in order to optimise the pension plans of different categories of employees, or design several pension plans within a single solution and optimise them by changing the various parameters available.

Multi-employer Pension Fund Genesia
Individual Semi-autonomous Pension Fund
Pension Fund with individual Choice of Investment Strategy
Savings plan Choice Choice Choice
Risk benefits Choice Choice Choice
Interest rates on savings accounts Predefined Choice N/A
Conversion rate Predefined Choice N/A
Funding Predefined Choice Choice

Other options are available for increasing flexibility within the statutory LPP/BVG limits, such as:

  • choice of a lump sum instead of a pension at retirement
  • early, deferred or partial retirement
  • level of contributions for employees and choice of contributions plan

The Collective Foundation Trianon offers to the pension funds base pension rules which are fully compatible with the “risk sharing” approach of affiliated employers subject to the international accounting standards of IAS 19.