Collective Foundation Trianon has contracts with two leading Swiss insurance companies, selected on a competitive bid basis, to provide matching reinsurance cover for death and disability risks. As well as providing all the guarantees you would expect from partners of this calibre, these companies offer advantageous terms, thanks to economies of scale achieved by the Foundation, and simpler administration. Trianon SA, a broker licensed by the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA), is responsible for negotiating and managing cost structures delivered by these insurers.

Each Pension Committee must obtain matching reinsurance cover for death and disability risk, either through one of the collective contracts negotiated by Collective Foundation Trianon, or through an individual contract with a Swiss insurer approved by the Foundation. Pension Funds with over 300 members may opt for a partial reinsurance solution (stop loss), subject to approval by Collective Foundation Trianon’s accredited pension actuary.

Multi-employer Pension Fund Genesia
Individual Semi-autonomous Pension Fund
Pension Fund with Individual Choice of  Investment Strategy
Matched reinsurance Predefined Choice Choice
Partial reinsurance N/A Choice for pension funds with more than 300 members N/A